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John Bent
John Bent

Mr John Bent


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 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

John Bent's aviation career spanned 5 decades, with 13,000 hours as a professional pilot on 28 aircraft types, serving as a Royal Air Force pilot, Qualified Flight Instructor, and Head if an RAF Flight School in Germany, and later for four airlines including Cathay Pacific Airways.

His experience has included the launch of a multi-cultural International School in Hong Kong, and various flight training and policy management roles in Cathay Pacific Airways; where he was responsible for training policy, to launch the training for the A330 and 340 fleets, and the development of the current Flight Training Centre. In this airline he was a Training Captain, Base Training Captain, Examiner, fleet Test Pilot, and Flight Simulator Instructor. His training and management roles in Flight Simulator operations spanned 2 decades, 3 centres, and 16 full flight simulators.

John has also been a participant in aviation safety related programmes including Line Operational Safety Audits, the IATA training and qualification initiative, and Safety Management Systems.

He helped to launch three Type Rating Training Organisations, and lead the opening of a General Electric Training Centre in Hong Kong.

John has presented mostly by invitation at 82 International Training & Safety Symposiums, contributed to numerous aviation journals, and is currently consultant to IATA and Chairman of the Training Practices Workstream of the International Pilot Training Consortium [IPTC].