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Ian Douglas
Dr Ian Douglas

Dr Ian Douglas

DBA, MBA (UTS), Grad Cert in Education Studies (Higher Ed) (Sydney)

Senior Lecturer

 Room Number:  OMB 216
 Office:  UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052
 Phone:  9385-7186
 Fax:  9385-6637

Ian Douglas is a senior lecturer with the School of Aviation.
His research interest is focused on ASEAN aviation, and his DBA research addresses the tensions between economic and institutional factors in development of airline strategy.

Ian joined UNSW in 2007 after 5 years with the School of Management at UTS, and 25 years at Qantas where his roles ranged through airport operations, fleet and airline planning, pricing, revenue management and alliances. At UTS Ian developed the consulting stream of the MBA degree. The contribution of this management consulting program to a range of community organisations was recognised in 2006 with both a university human rights award and a teaching award.

Professional Activities

Ian consults to the aviation and fire safety industries, and has worked with both airlines and government agencies in the ASEAN region since his departure from Qantas. His recent consultancy includes strategy workshops with Thai Airways International in Bangkok.

Ian's most recent publications include:


  • Hsueh, F., Douglas, I, Robertson, R. 2011. What product factors allow airlines to command a price premium in the Sydney - Los Angeles market?, Journal of Air Transport Studies, 2, 2, pp. 74-91.


  • Douglas, I. R. 2010. Long-haul market entry by value-based airlines: dual business models support product innovation, World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research. 3, 3, pp. 202-214.


  • Douglas, I.R. 2009. Experiential Learning: A 'hands-on' Approach to A Running A Management-Consulting Class. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 5, 2, pp. 154-158


  • Douglas, I.R. 2007. Deregulation ASEAN Aviation Opportunities for value-based carriers. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review. Taiwan Institute of Business Administration, Vol.3, (3), 1-8
  • Douglas, I. R. 2007. Managing consulting: delivering work-ready students through experiential learning, ATN Evaluation and Assessment Conference, QUT

Teaching Responsibilities

AVIA1901 - Aviation Economics - Course Coordinator
AVIA2501 - Airline Marketing Strategies - Course Coordinator
AVIA3101 - Airline Management - Course Coordinator
AVIA5009 - Airline Corporate Management