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Simon Henderson

Capt/Dr Simon Henderson

Capt/Dr Simon Henderson

BSc (Melb), Grad Dip (Technology Management), PhD (UNSW)

Casual Academic

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 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

Simon Henderson is the A330 Fleet Standards Manager with Virgin Australia. Before taking up this position in January 2011, Simon was a Type Rating Examiner and Training Proficiency Captain with Emirates Airline. Before joining Emirates in 2002, Simon was the flight training development manager for Ansett Australia. In that role he was the 2002 recipient of the Flight Safety Foundation Award for Achievement in Human Factors and Flight Safety. Much earlier in his career, he graduated from the Royal Australian Airforce Academy in 1982 and flew Dakota, Hercules and Boeing 707 aircraft. When Simon left the airforce as a squadron leader he was the flying safety staff officer for Air Lift Group based at Richmond in NSW. Simon has worked with the LOSA collaborative, is a member of the UKCAA CRM advisory panel, sits on a FAA's Civil Aviation Safety Team examining flight deck automation and is also a member of the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative. Simon is also a member of CASA's Flight Training Panel and is the industry co-chair of the Flight Crew Licensing Standards Sub-committee. Simon received his Doctorate in 2009 and is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the University.

Teaching Responsability

AVIA5024 - Flight Deck Operations for Advanced Transport Aircraft - Course Coordinator