School of Aviation

Brian Horton

Mr Brian Horton

Director Flight Operations

Room Number:  ----
 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

Professional Activities

Brian Horton has been a full time professional pilot since 1974. He worked as a flying instructor, a charter pilot and on aerial survey for a number of general aviation companies before joining East West Airlines where he flew F27 aeroplanes on regular public transport operations throughout Australia.

Since late 1989 he has been Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor for a number of large schools, including Navair International Flying College and the University Centre for Aviation Studies, supervising professional airline training for domestic and international airlines.

Brian is an experienced airline training captain and is a delegate of the CASA with approvals to conduct all fixed wing flight tests other than agricultural. He is also a member of the CASA flying training panel and consultant on flight training and testing.