School of Aviation

Pedram Keshavarzian

Mr Pedram Keshavarzian

BSc (Industrial Engineering) Iran University of Science and Technology

PhD Student

Room Number:  OMB 208
 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

Research details

Airports as nodes of air transport are influenced by other modes of transport and also affect them, this research intends to identify these correlations by responding to issues such as: how other modes of transport in vicinity of an airport affect the demand of an airport, how other airports in the network influence the demand for an airport in that network, and how a network model (hub & spoke, point to point or hybrid) affect the overall performance of the network and how people respond to different network models.

Pedram's area of interest is Consultancy in transport economics and air transport in addition to Management. This year is the seventh consequent year that he has been working in the field of Transport planning. During these years he has participated in different transport research projects, specifically in Air Transport field as a member of project team, senior expert and also project leader, in addition to involvement in mega project of Comprehensive Transport Studies of Iran (CTSI) for Road & Transport Agency. Most of the projects he's participated in were fundamental research projects for Iran Civil Aviation Organization and Transport Research Institute of Iran, a high level affiliated research center of Iran Ministry of Road and Transportation. During these projects he gained a broad view of international regulatory and authoritative structure of Air Transport sector in addition to systemic approach to Aviation issues.