School of Aviation

Louise Claire Raggett

Mrs Louise Claire Raggett

BSc (Applied Psychology) (Sussex)
MSc (Human Factors and Ergonomics) (U CL)

PhD Student

Room Number:  OMB 210
 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

Research details

Aircraft loading and unloading on the Airport Ramp represent a significant risk to the aviation industry. Safety incidents during aircraft turnarounds include loading errors, weight and balance issues, damage to the aircraft and operational delaysand injuries to personnel. Despite the risks and costs involved ground incidents, ground safety has received relatively little academic attention compared to the safety of flight operations.
This is particularly true for Human Factors research, which has focused on the performance of flight crews. The primary objective of this research therefore, is to develop a methodology for improving human factors in the Aviation ground environment. Specifically, the ultimate aim of the research is reducing human risk in aircraft turnarounds on the airport ramp.
The study attempts to adapt a well-known human factors observation tool from the cockpit to the ramp environment and then evaluate the methodology’s success. This methodology is known as the Line operations Safety Audit or LOSA. Originally developed to assess flight crew training and behaviour, LOSA has also proved to be a useful human factors tool in a number of other environments such as Health care Rail and Air Traffic Control. The tool is used to gather and analyse data on human performance, which has lead to safety improvements in a number of safety critical environments.
Therefore it is hoped that the LOSA methodology, if suitably adapted for the ramp, would provide similar insight into human performance in ramp crews and lead to safety improvements in ground operations.

As well as studying part time , Louise Raggett is currently the Manager Human Factors for Qantas Airlines. Previously Louise has worked as a human factors specialist in the NSW and UK Rail industry. Prior to moving to Australia, Louise worked for a safety and Risk consultancy Arthur D little where she provided human Factors expertise to a range of industries and government organizations. Today Louise is a part time PhD Student, mother, and occasional lecturer of Aviation Business Students at UNSW.