School of Aviation

David Tan

Dr David Tan

David Tan

BCom (Hons), PhD (UNSW)


Room Number:  OMB 172
 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

David joined the School of Aviation in December 2011. He specialises in aviation finance/economics and econometric methods for aviation research. Having completed his PhD in Banking and Finance at the University of New South Wales, David held a Lecturer in Finance position at the Australian National University for 3 years until expanding his research interests towards aviation. His research interests include airline finance and economics, corporate governance, asset pricing, and applied econometrics. David is currently the Honours Program Convener.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • AVIA1902 Airline Financial Analysis and Decision Support
  • AVIA5032 Quantitative Analysis for Aviation Research


Journal Articles

ABDC: Australian Business Dean Council Journal Ranking
SJR: Scimago Journal Ranking
IF: Journal Impact Factor

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Conference Papers/Book Chapters

  • Koo, T., D.T. Tan & D.T. Duval, 2018, “The Effect of Levels of Air Service Availability on the Inbound Tourism Demand from Asia to Australia”, Airline Economics in Asia, Emerald Publishing. [Book Chapter]
  • Tang, A., C.L. Wu, & D.T. Tan, 2018, “Quantification of WAFS Weather Forecast Uncertainties and Its Effect on Fuel Burn Using Historical Flight Data”, International Conference for Research in Air Transportation, forthcoming. [Peer-Reviewed Conference Paper]