School of Aviation

David Tan

Dr David Tan

David Tan

BCom (Hons), PhD (UNSW)


Room Number:  OMB 172
 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

David joined the School of Aviation in December 2011. He specialises in aviation finance/economics and econometric methods for aviation research. Having completed his PhD in Banking and Finance at the University of New South Wales, David held a Lecturer in Finance position at the Australian National University for 3 years until expanding his research interests towards aviation. David is currently the Honours Program Convener.

Research Interests

  • Airline finance and economics, applied econometrics, statistical learning, asset pricing, and corporate finance

Teaching Responsibilities

  • AVIA1902 Airline Financial Analysis and Decision Support
  • AVIA5032 Quantitative Analysis for Aviation Research


ABDC: Australian Business Dean Council Journal Ranking
SJR: Scimago Journal Ranking
IF: Journal Impact Factor


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Tourism Economics

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Air Transport Management

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