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Morteza Tehrani
Mr. Morteza Tehrani

Mr Morteza Tehrani

MScTech (Aviation) (UNSW) , B. Adult Ed (UWS)

MSc (Research) Student

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 UNSW Aviation, The University of NSW, Sydney NSW 2052

Morteza is currently completing a research towards a doctorate programme in human factors with UNSW, addressing the flight safety and its reliance on cultural attributes of cabin crew.

The role of cabin crew and their significance for cabin safety have been highlighted in several air accidents some of which could have been avoided if cabin crew had revealed the information they held. Nowadays major airlines embrace diverse cabin crew with various cultures whose performance may be affected by their behaviours.

The purpose of his research is to develop a scientifically valid tool to identify the safety culture within the cabin area. The tool with minor modifications may be used in other complex socio-technical environment to identify how safe they operate.

Morteza has been involved with aviation since 1971. He acquired his pilot qualifications from United States Air Force (USAF) in 1972. Since 1972 he has served as a pilot, navigator, flight instructor, ground/simulator instructor B747 – 400 & B767 – 200/300, human factors/crew resource management facilitator, safety officer, aviation lecturer and more recently as senior instructor HF/CRM, provided services to Group Flight Training, Qantas Airways Limited. He has a distinction of surviving at 100 feet above the ground ejection at speed of 0.975 Mach (approx 630 knots) from an F-4E (phantom II) using a Martin Baker ejection seat.