School of Aviation
AVIA 1321 Foundations of Aviation


This 6 unit of credit course aims to help students to transit from School education to University education as well as get into the University environment. Two aims are set for this course. First, this course is aimed at helping students develop an understanding of the wider aviation fields including airport management, airline economics, airline operations, air traffic control, aviation safety and military aviation. Second, this course is designed as the main opportunity for students to acquire information literacy and learning skills that are essential in University education.

Learning Outcomes

This course is specially designed for first-year aviation students (also suitable for students from other disciplines, too) with following objectives:

  • To understand the broad range of aviation and have basic knowledge regarding major disciplines in aviation.
  • To improve ‘Information Literacy’, so students know where & how to drive information from Library and Internet.
  • To learn ‘graduate attributes’, so students have necessary learning, writing and communication skills required.


Dr Brett Molesworth


To be advised.

Required Texts

Please note that students MUST take their own notes in this course to supplement other notes given by lecturers. This is a part of Learning Program embedded in this course to train students the ability to take notes. Lecture notes by individual lecturers might be released on Blackboard 9, but no guarantee lecture notes are always available!!

Learning Resources

The University of New South Wales provides a range of resources to help students develop their skills and to realise their full potential. The Learning Centre, located at the entrance to the Library provides guidance material, which is also available on-line.

In particular, students may wish to access the following:

Note-Taking Skills
The Basics of Essay Writing
Answering Assignment Questions
Report Writing FAQs
The Basics of Studying for Exams
Surviving Exams
Exam Skills
The American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing System