School of Aviation
AVIA 1401 Introduction to Human Factors


This 6 unit of credit course aims to help students to develop an understanding of human performance and the way that it affects the aviation industry.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of cognitive aspects of human performance that are relevant to individuals in the aviation industry.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of factors that affect human performance in aviation.
  • Work as part of a small group to provide a concise overview of a human factors issue.
  • Reflect on your experiences of human factors issues and compare these to similar issues affecting the aviation industry.


Dr Belinda Dinnell


To be advised.

Required Text

Hawkins, F.H. (1993). Human Factors in Flight (2nd Edition). Aldershot, UK. Ashgate Publishing.

Recommended Texts

1. Wickens, C.D. and Hollands, J.G. (2000). Engineering Psychology and Human Performance (3rd Edition). Prentice Hall.
2. Sanders, M.S. and McCormick, E.J (1993). Human Factors in Engineering and Design. New York. McGraw-Hill.
3. Orlady, H.W. (1999). Human Factors in Multi Crew Flight Operations. Aldershot, UK. Ashgate Publishing.
4. Wickens, C.D. (1997). Flight to the Future: Human Factors in Air Traffic Control. National Academy Press.
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6. O'Hare. D. (Ed.) (1999). Human Performance in General Aviation. Aldershot, UK. Ashgate Publishing.
7. Weiner, E.L. and Nagel, P. (1988). Human Factors in Aviation. San Diego: Academic Press.

Learning Resources

The University of New South Wales provides a range of resources to help students develop their skills and to realise their full potential. The Learning Centre, located at the entrance to the Library provides guidance material, which is also available on-line.

In particular, students may wish to access the following:

Note-Taking Skills
The Basics of Essay Writing
Answering Assignment Questions
Report Writing FAQs
The Basics of Studying for Exams
Surviving Exams
Exam Skills
The American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing System