School of Aviation
AVIA 2701 Security & Airport Management


This course is divided into two components. Half of this course is devoted to the development of an advanced understanding of security within the aviation security industry and to keep pace with operational processes as they occur.

The other half of this course is devoted to provide an overview of all the key elements of airport management but focussing specifically on the concept of "airport", the regluatory environment in which airports operate and the management of the airport as a business.


The Philosophy of Aviation Security is to protect the industry’s major assets: people, property and corporate reputation. This is achieved by the risk analysis and risk management, measured against international standards and ongoing sources of intelligence. Human performance is a critical factor to risk management and in the implementation of those standards.

The Philosophy of Airport Management is to provide students with an understanding of how airports function, how they are managed day-to-day and how they must succeed as a business.


Mr Trevor Jones - Aviation Security
Mr Garry Saunders - Airport Management


This course runs for thirteen weeks in Semester 2.

Lectures are held in: Red Centre Theatre at 1600 - 2000 on Monday.


Assignment - To Be Advised.

Recommended Texts

Wells, A.T. & Young, S.B (2004) Airport Planning and Management, 5th edn. New York : McGraw-Hill, 2003.

Learning Resources

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