School of Aviation
AVIA 2801 Regional & General Aviation


The objective of the course is for student to obtain an appreciation of the general aviation industry's main drivers and of its relevance within industry.
General aviation, including charter, flying school and aerial work organizations is studied.


The General Aviation component of the course covers a broad range of management decisions faced by general aviation organisations. The course introduces the aviation environment within which managements function and make economic decisions. Revenue issues, including demand analysis and an organisation’s ability to manage price and predict loads are studied. The key elements of supply and cost are analysed by reference to available data. The final aspect studied is the combination of demand and supply issues.

The Regional Aviation component of the course covers the history and current operations of regional aviation industry in Australia. It is designed to provide students with knowledge, which can be used to obtain a competitive presence within the aviation industry. Lectures will cover operations, finance, planning, engineering, scheduling, sales, competition, acquisition etc. from a management perspective and will include all aspects of airline management as related to regional airlines and their developmental and competitive roles.


Mr Andrew Drysdale


This course runs for thirteen weeks in Semester 2.
Lectures are held on Wednesday at 0900-1100, 1200-1400 at Quad 1027.


There will be two assignments and a final examination.

Recommended Texts

Written material will be handed out during the lectures and available via Blackboard 9. These will be used during the final examination and should be retained. Students should bring note books and writing material to the lectures.

Learning Resources

The University of New South Wales provides a range of resources to help students develop their skills and to realise their full potential. The Learning Centre, located at the entrance to the Library provides guidance material, which is also available on-line.

In particular, students may wish to access the following:

Note-Taking Skills
The Basics of Essay Writing
Answering Assignment Questions
Report Writing FAQs
The Basics of Studying for Exams
Surviving Exams
Exam Skills
The American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing System