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AVIA 3201 Airline Resource Management


This course has 6 UOC.
The airline operations are defined as the functional areas which are directly associated with the operations of the aircraft - or at least in the provision of services for the aircraft’s operation. There is much overlap between the management of the “corporate” aspects of the airline and the operational aspects. This occurs mainly in the planning processes such as fleet planning, schedule planning, and strategic planning (including business plans and annual budgets). These important processes will be covered in this subject for the functional areas that play major roles in the airline. Engineering and Maintenance, Airline airport operations, crew resource provision and inflight services functions are specifically covered in some detail.

As well as those important functional areas, other airline processes are covered which play important roles in the operations. These include Emergency Planning, Operations control, and Punctuality management. The more recent interest in outsourcing in airline management is looked at as airlines pursue the reduction in costs and head towards the “virtual” airline.
General management techniques apply to many of these functional areas. Planning, budgeting, staff and equipment rostering, and disruption management are generic but in this subject are discussed from the airline’s view. The management of aircraft, crew (both technical and cabin service crew), and inflight service functions are complex, especially the impact each has on the other. This may not be unique but certainly requires some knowledge of the history of the industry. The impact of outsourcing of services has put the traditional approaches under the microscope, and with varied results.


Dr Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu


To be advised.

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