Dr Fangni Zhang
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About Fangni

Dr. Fangni Zhang is a Lecturer at the School of Aviation at the UNSW Sydney. Prior to joining UNSW Sydney in September 2018, she held Lecturer position at the Institute for Transport Studies at University of Leeds in 2017-2018 and worked as a Research Associate at the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London in 2016-2017. Fangni received her Phd degree in Transportation from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Beihang University, Beijing, China.

Fangni is motivated to extend the application of her knowledge and expertise beyond the aviation industry and to include other modes of transportation, such as railway, road, and other mobility services. Her current research covers a wide range of fundamental or emerging issues in transport, including infrastructure planning and operations, large-scale multimodal system monitoring and optimization, shared transport management, and automated transport planning and operations. Her research draws tools from different disciplines such as network modeling, economic theory, traffic flow theory, operations research, and data science to transport research and has been published in a number of world-leading journals in the field (e.g., Transportation Research Part A/B/C/E).

Fangni is always keen to collaborate with academics from different backgrounds and to work with transport agencies, infrastructure managers, and operating companies in the industry. Over the years, she has contributed to a variety of research projects funded by prestigious funding bodies both nationally and internationally, including Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC, UK), Innovate UK, European Commission, European Research Council, and Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.


Area of Interest

  • Aviation Economics
  • Multimodal Transport Modeling
  • Shared Transport Management
  • Automated Transport Planning and Operations
  • Transport and Urban Data Analytics


Opportunities for Research

  • Honours, MSc, and PhD study: Students with background in Economics, Management, Civil/Transport Engineering, Aviation, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or other relevant areas are welcome to apply. Please send me your resume and academic transcripts, and indicate your research interests.
  • Visiting/Exchange scholars: I welcome expressions of interest in collaborations in any of the above topic areas, and I am happy to host visiting and exchange scholars and students from both Australia and overseas. If your research background fits my interests, please send me your CV, indicating potential areas of collaboration.


Journal Publications

  • Zhang, F., Graham, D.J., Wong, M. (2018) Quantifying the substitutability and complementarity between high-speed rail and air transport. Transportation Research Part A, 118, 191-215.
  • Zhang, F., Zheng, N., Yang, H., Geroliminis, N. (2018) A systematic analysis of multimodal transport systems with road space distribution and responsive bus service. Transportation Research Part C, 96, 208-230.
  • Liu, W., Li, X, Zhang, F., Yang, H. (2017) Interactive travel choices and traffic forecast in a doubly dynamical system with user inertia and information provision. Transportation Research Part C, 85, 711-731.
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Full list of publications: https://research.unsw.edu.au/people/dr-fangni-zhang/publications