Tony Webber
+61 2 9385 7186

About Tony

Dr Tony Webber is the former Chief Economist of the Qantas Group, where he worked for 7 years between 2004 and 2011. After leaving Qantas Tony set up his own aviation consultancy, Airline Intelligence and Research, which houses the biggest private aviation operational and financial database in the world. Tony has consulted widely across airlines, airports, tourism and hospitality since leaving Qantas and is regularly seen and heard in the Australian media. Tony’s research focuses on airline finance, fuel and FX hedging, revenue forecasting and yield modelling. Dr Webber also shows an interest in aircraft configuration, passenger forecasting and route profitability modelling. He also teaches two first year Aviation finance and economics courses (AVIA1901 and AVIA1902) and the post graduate course AVIA5032.


Teaching Responsibilities