Craig Neal
Casual Lecturer

About Craig

Craig is an Aviation enthusiast with diverse industry experience and strong operational knowledge. He is a UNSW alumni and senior lecturer whose research and expertise focuses on business transformation providing new ideas in the IT and Aviation sectors. The dynamic nature of Aviation with its broad range of opportunities was exactly what Craig wanted. After completing his Master of Science and Technology Aviation Management in 2012 at UNSW Craig was exposed to working in Aviation catering, airport services, and airport security management before returning to UNSW in 2014 to complete his Masters by Research.

As the Aviation industry expands so does the threat of terrorism and criminal activities against the industry. Craig teaches postgraduate course, Aviation & Security (AVIA5003) which provides an understanding of the complex security procedures in the Aviation industry, particularly in the digital age. Craig believes that his expertise and academic capabilities give him the insight to link theory and real-life scenarios, allowing students to make the links across concepts.


Teaching Responsibilities