Mr Peter Wigens
Casual Lecturer

About Peter

Peter holds an Air Transport Pilot Licence with over 10,000 hours accumulated in both domestic ani international flight operations. He has held an Instructor rating and a Command Instrument Rating.

Peter is a full member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI). 
He was awarded an MBA from the University of New England (Australia) in 2002 and holds qualifications in Aviation Systems Safety from the University of Southern California and Advanced Management from Cranfield University (UK).

Joining the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation in 1995 he trained as an air safety investigator, following which he conducted a two-year research project into the safety issues surrounding advanced technology aircraft.

Peter joined a major Asia Pacific international airline in 1997 as the Manager of Air Safety Investigation and was subsequently promoted to Head of Corporate Safety. His challenge was to transform a traditional flight safety department into a corporate safety department in a multi-cultural environment, including the adoption of ICAO style accident and incident investigation protocols, which were subsequently applied to the investigation of serious incidents.

Peter has served on several IATA and Flight Safety Foundation safety committees and was involved in the establishment of IOSA.

Peter’s experience which spans general and business aviation to domestic and international public transport allows him to view aviation systems and investigation processes from the perspective of both a safety system user and the safety system provider.


Teaching Responsibilities