Alec Kemmery

Alec Kemmery

MSc Tech (Aviation) - 2015 Graduate
CEO & Founder — SkyBuys

Where are you now?

Since joining the Airbus BizLab program in 2017, I have continued working with Airbus through my start-up SkyBuys, providing a more seamless link in passenger flow for duty free & travel retail. The company is currently working on a new the Airbus program.


How did your postgraduate degree with us help you get to where you are today?

Without the master’s program, I never would have started SkyBuys. I learnt a lot about the opportunities of non-aeronautical revenue from the subjects around airline and airport management. It brought about the light bulb moment where I noticed the gap in the airport retail market and how to fill it.

The master’s degree gave me the aviation knowledge to move into an industry I had always had an interest in, having been flying planes since well before I learnt to drive a car. The flexibility of the program gave me the ability to study from the office but also allowed me to go into the university to meet in person with both professors and peers.

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