Ben Lai

Bachelor of Aviation (Flying) - 2011 Graduate
Sydney — Regional Express

I currently fly for Regional Express as a First Officer. My main duties as a First Officer are to assist the Captain in all aspects to achieve a safe flight bringing passengers between regional ports and capital cities in Australia. I do occasionally help out with the Group Safety department with their projects and investigations. This allows further development in my career as a management pilot. Even though to become an airline pilot is my goal, I decided to enroll in the management stream to acquire more knowledge in the management aspect of the aviation industry. With no disappointment UNSW Aviation has prepared me well in understanding how this industry works. Before completion of my degree (after my 2nd year in this program), I have managed to secure a cadet position with Regional Express as the employer is very impressed in the university program. I continued my studies with UNSW Aviation finishing off my final year even after I was employed. With the School's great help, I have managed to complete a 3-years program, while flying full-time, in 4 years time. The degree not only covers the management side of the industry but as well the regulatory, safety, engineering aspects, which is essential to manage an airline in the future. From a high school graduate who only has the ability to identify the types of aircraft flying past, the lecturers at UNSW Aviation has trained me to understand, enjoy, and most importantly survive in this dynamic industry. Assignments given are very practical and enjoyable which definitely prepare undergraduates in their future positions. I will definitely recommend anyone, even if flying as a career is his/her goal, to enroll in this program. The knowledge and skills attained in this program has allowed me to pursue my long-term career goal, which is a management pilot.

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