Captain Brett Dowsing

MSc Tech (Aviation) - 2008 Graduate
Sydney — Royal Australian Navy

I am currently in my 42nd year of service in the Royal Australian Navy having had a career biased to aviation and shipboard operations - I have flown a multitude of aircraft types predominately helicopters, been in command of our Seahawk squadron (816 Sqn) and maintain civilian CPL (A/H) qualifications. I undertook the UNSW Aviation Management program with a view to enhancing my professional knowledge of the civil aviation industry and consequently my overall specialist knowledge. This pursuit was directed at improving my performance through the addition to my credentials offered by this program. Due to my career requirements, the course components were undertaken by distance learning whilst posted to the USA, and several states in Australia. These aspirations were fully met and expectations largely exceeded. The course material was contemporary and comprehensive, and the guidance of the lecturers constructive and encouraging. At all times I felt completely comfortable while being appropriately challenged by the course content. At the time I was completing a significant part of the program, I was a member of a Military Board of Inquiry into the crash of a Navy helicopter and its associated fatalities. The course content was completely relevant to my participation in this Inquiry and, indeed, contributed directly to my enhanced understanding of the complexities involved as causal factors, and in my ability as an Inquiry officer. As a very mature student on the UNSW Aviation Management program I unequivocally endorse this course as a venue to enhancing one's professionalism both directly for those engaged in aviation but also for those involved in multi-modal operations and complex management environments. I am using the knowledge-based skills gained through this program on a daily basis and envisage this continuing for the remainder of my career and beyond.

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