Dan Boland

Bachelor of Aviation (Flying) - 2010 Graduate
Hong Kong — Hong Kong Airlines

Having graduated from the UNSW Aviation (flying) degree in 2010, I initially expected I would pursue a charter pilot job in the outback before applying for regional airlines. While chasing various charter jobs in WA, I was able to secure a job with an Indonesian airline based in Jakarta. I flew as a F/O on high capacity turboprops for almost 4 years to destinations in Sumatra, East Timor, Papua, Borneo, Lombok and Bali. Currently I am based in Hong Kong flying for a local airline on the Airbus A320 and fly to destinations across Asia. Having the best possible flight training is very important at the start of your career because it prepares you to handle future challenges with more confidence. The higher than average standards UNSW places on its students and instructors, leads to superior quality pilots and respected industry professionals.

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