Evan Edwards

MSc Tech (Aviation) - 2012 Graduate
Sydney — Virgin Australia

I have always been drawn to aviation from a very early age. During my time in the Australian Defence Force, I gained experience as aircrew for eight years. Looking for an opportunity to broaden my horizons, branch out and study toward a formal tertiary qualification in my interest in aviation, I was recommended the postgraduate Aviation program by a friend of mine. I finished the Masters in Science and Technology last year, and it had an immediate effect in helping me pursue a career in Aviation Safety Systems at my current employer (a large airline).

I currently work in that role (flight data analyst) and every day I use elements from subjects that I studied at UNSW. It has allowed me to look at the broader context of my role and how it fits into a Safety Management System, and regulatory compliance. Indeed, all subjects that I took as part of the course contributed to giving me a greater understanding of aviation management, and in some cases I was surprised by how much I enjoyed studying the subjects and completing the assessments. The Masters in Science and Technology gave me a formal qualification which I believe contributed to my success in getting my current job. But besides this, on a fundamental level, it allowed me to transition from an aviation career in the military to the airline environment.

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