Indunil M Weerasinghe

MSc Tech (Aviation) - 2012 Graduate
Bahrain — Gulf Air

I have always held a strong belief that true professionalism requires a consolidation of industry experience with academic excellence. This was my primary motivation for enrolling with the School of Aviation at UNSW. I was delighted to find that the academic staff fitted this profile, enabling me to gain from an immense wealth of knowledge and experience.

In my current role as Manager Aircraft Phasing, I undertake the program management of aircraft induction and retirement. Although grounded in the technical aspects of configuration, airworthiness and maintenance, this role is in essence the implementation phase of the airline’s fleet plan. It is therefore fundamental to the long-term success of the airline's strategy. The course enabled me to broaden my understanding beyond the technical aspects and has given me a greater appreciation of how my work is an integral part of the airline's performance.

I found the program structure to be one of its success factors. I could tailor virtually the entire program to target the specific knowledge areas that I was interested in, varying from safety related courses to commercial and operational management. I found that the courses also honed my writing skills, which has given me greater confidence when drafting business cases and reports to the airline's senior management. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any aviation professional looking to develop their knowledge of the industry.

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