Matthew Williams

Bachelor of Aviation (Management) - 2010 Graduate
Sydney — Airservices Australia

The UNSW Aviation Management degree provided me with a great foundation upon which to launch a career in this complex and ever-changing industry. The diverse range of courses offered by the degree allowed me to obtain an in-depth understanding of airline management strategies, while also providing a broad overview of the composition of the entire industry and the ongoing issues it faces. During this time the degree (and internship opportunities available in the industry) allowed me to develop the theoretical, analytical, interpersonal and organisational skills necessary in a workplace environment.

The degree provides graduates with the opportunity to obtain employment in a number of diverse areas in the aviation industry both in Australia and abroad. Currently I am in the ATC Group stream of the 2010 Airservices Australia Graduate Program - which will see me complete four rotations in different business departments over the course of this year. My first rotation has seen me work in the Procedures Design Section - which is where the Instrument Arrival, Approach and Departure Procedures for the approximately 400 Certified and Registered Aerodromes around Australia are designed and amended. Applying ICAO standards and CASA regulations to solve complex operational-specific problems has been challenging but rewarding, and has allowed for a unique insight into how instrument procedures are designed. Over the course of this year I will also complete rotations in Operational Safety at Sydney Tower and Terminal Control Unit (TCU); Traffic and Capacity Management in the National Operations Centre (NOC); and Operational Analysis in the Safety Systems Risk and Analysis department.

The ability to network with former UNSW Aviation students in the industry is an opportunity unavailable in most other "broader scope" degrees, and is invaluable in an industry such as this. If you apply yourself and work hard, the foundation provided by this degree and the range of jobs available to successful graduates make this a highly worthwhile degree for anyone interested in a career in the aviation industry.

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