Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma

BAv (Management) - 2013 Graduate
Business Development Manager — Stone Plus

What appealed to you about UNSW and your degree?

I started at UNSW doing a Bachelor of Aviation Management. During my first year I had the chance to study across a range of areas and I decided Aviation Management has excellent scope in terms of career. I also considered the great Aviation facilities available and the future of the aviation industry. When I looked at my options for an Aviation degree, UNSW was always my preference as its rankings are superior and nothing beats living in Sydney. It’s a beautiful city. 


What is the most valuable thing you took away from your time at UNSW?

My degree covered a lot of subject areas with a range of backgrounds from different schools within UNSW. Learning across so many areas I could interact and make friends with students from other degrees. I’m still close with the friends I made at UNSW. Even across the world we keep in touch. Bachelor of Aviation Management engages you by bringing the whole class together to participate and learn. Living on campus I interacted more with people doing all types of degrees and now my friends range from Neurosurgeons to Judges & Airline Captains to top Architects.


Where has your career taken you?

I’ve worked in different domains and departments within the aviation industry from operations to marketing for Delhi International Airport. While working in Operations, I was part of the Terminal Operations team, a team that helped Indira Gandhi International Airport achieve the ranking of World's 2nd Best Airport in the largest airport category.

In marketing, I planned and launched a landmark project which was a first of its kind in the country, a complete customer driven initiative program ‘Shop & Collect’.

Also, planned and successfully executed offline retail promotions for National Events at Delhi Airport. Due to having an extensive global aviation knowledge learned at UNSW; I Implemented strategies for increasing revenue and sales through lucrative discounts & promotions for passengers within the SHA of the airport.


What innovations do you think the industry needs?

The aviation industry is changing at a very fast pace. Looking at the times now, more automation is required. The world is becoming a more tech friendly place, advances toward technology is needed. Due to covid we’ve started understanding that 0 interaction between travellers and airport authorities is possible and we need to make them more seamless; starting from the airport entry gates to boarding flights. A complete seamless app experience is needed.

A passenger should be able to book a cab, check-in, drop off luggage, order food in the Security Hold Area of the airport & board the flight, while still be rewarded through payback options all through a single application; installation of NFC’s at the airport would not only benefit the passenger in making their experience easy but will also provide airport service operators with the insights needed regarding passenger needs (e.g. discounts/offers at their favourite stores when they walk past it).

Providing the right information at the right time is key to this; it could be further expanded by partnering with different airports something what GMR airports has done by developing their ‘HOI' app which expands beyond its Delhi Airport.


What would your advice be for those currently studying or considering the study of Aviation at UNSW?

Aviation at UNSW is a great course. The industry  is fascinating as every day flights are becoming more luxurious with shower and bed facilities, and airports are becoming more & more like shopping malls. Flying is the future as flights are becoming more affordable and travel time between countries is decreasing. There’s a lot to do and innovate within the sector and UNSW Aviation is where innovation happens.

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