Omar Choudhary

Omar Choudhary

BAv (Management) - 2018 Graduate
Cargo Flight Analyst — Qatar Airways

What appealed to you about UNSW and your degree?

Growing up my Dad would travel a lot for work, and we would always go as a family to drop him at the airport. Although it was sad seeing him go, I would forget the sad when I was in the airport environment. The buzz of the airport with the flight crew and aircraft, being able to see all the equipment was where my passion stemmed from.

I knew the UNSW Aviation Management program was the one for me. UNSW as a university was always a dream of mine because of its ranking in the world and its reputation within the industry.


What is the most valuable thing you took away from your time at UNSW?

The most valuable thing about the program is the wealth of experience you gain from the industry experts and guest lecturers. Being about to get their insight and ask questions was invaluable to me as an undergraduate.

The whole campus feel was another aspect I loved and now doing my Master’s, I actually miss. Having access to the UNSW library with all the resources and study spaces was so valuable to the success of my studies. The Aviation Student Society, AvSoc, was really engaging and brought the social side of the university experience. It was really valuable to connect and network with like-minded people my own age.


Where has your career taken you? 

Towards the end of my Bachelor degree I was working part time as a Passenger Service Officer with Menzies Aviation. An opportunity came up through the School of Aviation to apply for a role at Qatar Airways. It was about a 6-month process from application to beginning my role as a Cargo Flight Analyst. I am currently completing my Master’s through UNSW and am really enjoying being able to tailor my degree to complement my role, helping me to better understand it.


What innovations do you think the industry needs? 

I believe that there is a long way for the industry to go in terms of being more sustainable. More concentration needs to be made in terms of working towards minimum emissions and more efficient bio-fuels.

I also believe that the industry has a lot of challenges in terms of the current market in 2020. There is a lot to do to not only restore public confidence, but passengers are seeing problems surrounding government travel bans, passenger caps and border closures. Airlines and other players need to come together to get through this difficult time.

How can someone arrange their travel if they are unsure if they can re-enter their country again?


What would your advice be for those currently studying or considering the study of Aviation at UNSW?

Aviation is a great career which allows you to interact with so many people of different backgrounds. It is a very fast paced, dynamic industry where every day brings a new challenge to keep you on your toes! If Aviation is what you are interested in, there are a lot of opportunities for a great and long career path that not a lot of industries offer. Us Avgeeks have to stick together!


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