About Kevin

Kevin is a PhD student in the School of Aviation at UNSW Sydney, Australia. Kevin’s research examines flight crew reporting behavior and has involved studies with Australian and European based airline pilots. Kevin has a number of published articles in international academic journals (International Journal of Aerospace Psychology and Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors) and has presented at a number of international aviation conferences (32nd and 33rd European Association for Aviation Psychology conferences, Australian & New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators seminar, and Australian Aviation Psychology Association Symposium). Kevin holds a Master of Aviation Management degree from University of Newcastle. Kevin is also the Head of Flying Operations at Australian International Aviation College, Port Macquarie and a Flight Examiner for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia


Research Details

Research Title:The effects of blame and incrimination (perceived or real) on trust and self-disclosure in non-punitive reporting systems.

This project will explore if persons operating in high consequence environments such as aviation withhold from reporting safety-related information, or selectively report safety matters due to a surreptitious lack of trust in ‘no-blame’ reporting systems. This will explore if safety information databases and safety management systems truly reflect all the hazards that are known by personnel in the operational environment due to the possibility of non-reporting? The outcomes of this study aim to reveal the underlying attitudes and behaviors of individuals working on the “frontline”. This will enable persons responsible for safety, in private enterprise, or government, to determine the level of trust personnel hold to their safety systems and reporting policies. This will provide some measure on the success of these systems in mitigating risk in the operational environment.