Mr Mat Petrenko
PhD Student

Research details

Russia's aviation industry is undergoing possibly the most profound changes in its rich history. Survival of Russia's airlines is dependant on their ability to modernise aging fleets, contain costs, retain qualified specialists and train new recruits. But despite a promising future of modern Russian aircraft production, manufacturers are unable to match the huge numbers required to meet demand. As a result, Russian airlines are turning to western models. Introducing western aircraft into Russia’s aviation system is a significant challenge. A small number of western aircraft have been operated in Russia with varying levels of success and safety. However is the Russian aviation system prepared for fully integrated western systems and equipment and can we learn from their experience, or is a hybrid culture developing where a round hole is being plugged with a square peg? Given the impending growth of the Russian market, a decade of western aircraft operation, and high accident rate, this research is timely and necessary for everybody involved with Russian and indeed international aviation.

Mat Petrenko has evolved as a leading western specialist in Russian aviation and safety, after many years of working in and around the Russian continent. Mat's qualifications include a Masters Degree in Business & Technology (UNSW ‐ Sydney) and a Diploma of Airline Safety Management (ICAO ‐ Montreal). Mat's flying experience includes positions such as Fleet Manager B737 Captain for a major Australian carrier, Captain for a regional airline and international Corporate Jet Charter company and as an ab‐initio and senior instructor in Australiaʹs general aviation sector. Matʹs aviation career began when he won the Sir Reginald Ansett flying Scholarship (Australia). He consults to Russian airlines, has trained Russian pilots in Western aircraft and aviation concepts, negotiated with state authorities on commercial matters and assisted with fleet planning and acquisition. He is also a Russian speaker. Mat works with training departments and pilots from major airlines, instructing in B737 simulators and delivering technical courses . He is involved with research in to training system designs that integrate CRM principles into LOFT scenarios for flight crew. Mat gained extensive corporate aviation, medevac and auditing experience during previous managerial posts. These posts include one as Aviation Supervisor ‐ Russia for ExxonMobil, where he managed the aviation department, including company medical and emergency air evacuation plans, the daily fleet management of nine aircraft (airliners, corporate jets, turbo‐props and helicopters) and their domestic and international network. Matʹs other qualifications and affiliations include:

  • ICAO Airline Transport Licence
  • Grade One Instructor for aeroplanes
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, delegate to test and licence pilots
  • B737 Instructor Pilot and Simulator Instructor
  • Training Captain, Check Captain and Captain for various commercial airlines flying B737 Classic and NG aircraft, turbo props and a range of corporate charter aeroplanes
  • Member of the Aviation Psychology Association of Australia
  • Member of the East European Research Centre for Human Factors in Aviation.