Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research is a research group at UNSW dedicated entirely to road and transport safety research. It is based administratively within the School of Aviation and has Associate Professor Soufiane Boufous as Acting Director. It capitalises on the strong research synergies in human factors and transport safety research between the TARS research team and existing researchers in Aviation.

The philosophy of the road and transport safety research focus at the TARS is the safe system principle, commonly used in occupational health and safety and adopted by the Australian Transport Council in 2004. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach to road safety research and policy development, where researchers focus on Safer Roads, Safer Vehicles, and Safer People and their integration into a Safe System.

TARS research is structured around the essential disciplines needed for an effective transport and road safety research centre: safety policy and systems, psychology, human factors, engineering and crashworthiness, information technology systems, biomechanics, biostatistics, epidemiology, and social sciences.

For more information, go to the TARS website.