Welcome from the Head of School

Gabriel Lodewijks

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to the UNSW School of Aviation. The Aviation industry is a dynamic and rapidly changing industry that is a global, social and economically important industry that brings people together. From the technically challenging cockpit with awe-inspiring views, to the natural, operational, logistical, safety, and financial challenges of managing airports and airlines, the key to aviation’s sustainability and success is to be able to understand these challenges and develop solutions accordingly. UNSW Aviation is uniquely placed to create graduates ready to take on opportunities in this exciting industry.

The School of Aviation is made up of a world-class teaching and research team who are dedicated to providing the aviation industry with graduates of the highest calibre, and with relevant and current research. Our qualifications are recognised throughout the world as being of superior academic quality and industry relevance. Our team is made up from an impressive range of backgrounds, encompassing academics that are both current and recently-retired industry experts. In addition to their teaching and research duties, our staff hold and have held senior industry positions including Senior Management positions with international airlines, major airports, government, and national and international regulatory authorities. The School of Aviation is committed to the high standards essential to the future of the aviation industry in Australia and throughout the world.

Here at the School of Aviation, we offer an assortment of higher degree programs and research capabilities to serve the aviation industry. Our programs are designed with industry input to ensure relevance and range across, management, flying and technology specialities at both an undergraduate, and masters level. We offer doctorate research programs, producing high quality research candidates as supervised by our aviation experts. We deliver our own flying training under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation certification (CASR Parts 141/142) with single engine Diamond DA-40CS and twin engine Piper PA44 airplanes. In addition, we operate three flight simulators. Flying training and airborne research is conducted from our Flying Operations Unit at Bankstown Airport. The school also provides consultancy and short courses in aviation related topics delivered by our highly specialised staff.

UNSW Aviation will continue to give wings to its graduates by preparing them to be the future leaders of the global aviation industry. I hope to be able to welcome you in person soon.

Professor Gabriel Lodewijks
Head, School of Aviation
UNSW, Sydney