Air Transport Pilot Licence Theory


  • All 7 ATPL subjects delivered at UNSW Flying Operations Unit at Bankstown Airport over an 8 week period
  • Ensure an easier transition to command and increased employability by passing the required theory component of the ATPL. Students from all previous training pathways welcome
  • Several course start dates each year – complete any or all subjects in the order of your choosing
  • Specific subject experts deliver each subject
  • Past students have first sitting pass rate of over 80% overall.

The School offers all CASA ATPL subjects several times a year, to both UNSW Flying students as well as external students. All subjects are taught at our Flying Operations unit at Bankstown Airport on a full-time basis over a consecutive period of 8 weeks for the entire set. We do not offer any of these subjects by distance.

An explanation of the nature and structure of the ATPL is given on the
CASA website.

We have excellent statics for our own UNSW students, who have achieved overall a success rate of over 80% in passing subject exams on the first sitting.

To provide the best quality delivery, our subjects are delivered by subject specialists, listed below.


Roy Kelly

Roy Kelly

Roy has been involved in aviation for over 25 years, flying in the UK, Europe and Australia. He joined UNSW in 2013 taking up the position of Theory Instructor, specialising in Meteorology, Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems. He teaches systems in our Jet based trainer and Dash 8 Q400 systems trainer. He has a very practical approach to his ATPL theory training having developed many animations and working models to assist his students in understanding some of the complexities of the modern jet transport aircraft. Roy Kelly was the winner of the 2016 UNSW Staff Excellence Award for Excellence in Professional Services for his innovation in delivery of aviation theory. Students think very highly of Roy and appreciate his passion, enthusiasm, energy, innovation in teaching and his ability to explain concepts in multiple different ways to ensure that all students fully understand the required theory.


Phillip Rosen

Phillip Rosen

Prior to becoming an ATPL lecturer at the UNSW Flying Operations Unit, Phill had accumulated over 20,000 hours flying for airlines in the UK, Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands and QANTAS where he flew Boeing 747’s. Following an interest in aviation Human Factors he became a Crew Resource Management (CRM) facilitator training QANTAS aircrew. Phill lectures in ATPL Human Factors, Navigation, Aeroplane Performance & Loading and Air Law. He has also developed and presents the Human Factors component of the University’s Multi Crew Cooperation Course.





Jeremy Andrews

Jeremy Andrews

Jeremy's aviation career spans 35 years of flying and teaching theory. He spent 10 years working as a general aviation pilot flying freight, doing charter work and working as a flying instructor for the Royal Aero Club of NSW. Since 1993, Jeremy has engaged in full time aviation theory teaching, first at TAFE and 13 years for UNSW. The range of subjects that he is able to teach is extraordinary, encompassing all private pilot licence theory, all commercial subjects, instrument rating theory and ATPL for fixed wing aircraft; and rotary wing up to Commercial Pilot level. His flying experience and intense interest in all facets of the aviation industry provide a practical context for the theoretical subjects that he delivers. Jeremy is presently the Chief Ground Instructor and teaches Flight Planning and Performance at ATPL level.




Barry Ellis

Barry Ellis

Barry is an experienced pilot having worked in corporate aviation and as a flying instructor operating both piston and turbine powered aircraft. He has over ten years’ experience as a theory instructor and teaches CPL, instrument rating and ATPL subjects at UNSW.







Martin Jamieson

Martin JamiesonMartin has nearly 20 000 in his logbook, including extensive experience as a Captain on B767, B777 and B787 aircraft on international operations. Before   embarking on a career in aviation, he was employed as  a Science teacher.








Subjects Delivered By
  AASA Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems   Roy Kelly
  AFPA Flight Planning   Jeremy Andrews/Martin Jamieson
  AHUF Human Factors   Phillip Rosen/Martin Jamieson
  ALAW Air Law   Phillip Rosen
  APLA Performance and Loading   Martin Jamieson
  AMET Meteorology   Roy Kelly
  ANAV Navigation   Barry Ellis


Applicants are assumed to have passed the CASA CPL and IREX examinations and have thoroughly revised all basic CPL concepts.

Download the ATPL Theory Application Form.

ATPL Course Schedules

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