Exploration of the relationship between eye-motion metrics and pilot fatigue on duty in passive fatigue scenario with sleep deprivation

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project about exploring effective eye-motion metrics to indicate pilot’s fatigue (microsleeps and attention lapses) on duty in passive fatigue scenario.

The research study is looking recruit people who meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • Have pilot license (SPL, PPL or CPL) or are you a pilot student;
  • Usually sleep at night and awake during the day;
  • Have normal vision;
  • Do not wear glasses during the experiment.

 Participants meeting the following criteria will be excluded from the study:

  • Have any diseases or disorder related to sleep;
  • Have any diseases or disorder related to eyes.

Participants will be asked to complete the following research activities if they agree to participate:

  • Get fitted to eye-tracking system and practice experiment instrument for 20 min under well-rested condition (sleep at least 8 hours) on day 1;
  • Operate an aircraft simulator for 1 hour under sleep deprivation condition (sleep less than 5 hour before coming to experiment) at Bankstown Airport, UNSW, as well as answer several fatigue-related questions on day 2.

Participants will receive a $80 Coles/Myer voucher as a reimbursement for taking part in the

research. A $50 Uber voucher will be also provided as transport support for the sleep-deprivation session.

Please contact the following person via email or phone to register your interest in taking part in the research:


Xinyun Hu


Phd student







Scan QR: Scan the QR code to take the screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility and to sign up.