UNSW postgraduate Aviation studies

There are two types of Postgraduate Aviation studies - Coursework Programs and Research Programs.

Coursework Programs (distance education)

There are two postgraduate Aviation coursework programs:

  • Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management (program code 5741)
  • Master of Aviation Management (program code 8741)

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UNSW is now accepting applications for the postgraduate coursework programs in aviation management.

Applications for entry into the postgraduate Coursework Programs by distance education can be made directly to the University via the Online Application website.

Please attach your supporting documentation (e.g. curriculum vitae, employment statement, license, logbook, academic transcripts, degree certificates) to the application website. If you want to be assessed for credit (advanced standing), please indicate this on the application too. For any application related questions (e.g. application progress, how to upload files online, English language proficiency test), please contact the Admissions Office via their Enquiry Portal.

If you have any questions about the postgraduate Aviation programs, please contact Jamie Lim by email aviam@unsw.edu.au or phone +61 2 938 55 787.

Research Programs

UNSW offers three postgraduate research degrees:

  • Master of Philosophy - Aviation (plan code AVIAAR2475)
  • Master of Science by Research (program code 2905)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (program code 1900)

You can find more information about these research degrees.

Before submitting an official application for a research degree, the applicant will need to find a potential supervisor from the School of Aviation who matches the applicant's area of interest. You can find the available supervisors in the School of Aviation and their current projects. Once the potential supervisor agrees to the research topic, the applicant can proceed to submit an official application. 

Find more details on how to apply for a postgraduate research study program.