The UNSW Science Summer Vacation Research Scholarship UGVC1056 exposes highly talented undergraduate students, enrolled in Science or a related discipline, to scientific research and other science-based experience, and to further their education and inspire them to consider research or related activities.

The scholarship program will run for a six week period over the Summer Semester (November to February).

How to apply

To apply you will need to submit the following:


Supporting Documentation

Please submit the following with your Scholarship application:

  • An electronic copy of your CV
  • An electronic copy of your academic transcript

Applications are now open and will close Friday 20 September 2019.

Aviation Research Project

Project Title: Remotely Piloted Aircraft ("Drones") for Sustainable Destination Management

Supervisor(s): Tay Koo, Senior Lecturer, School of Aviation

Description: The student will be involved in developing a framework for the usage of drones for sustainable destination management in the context of an environmentally protected area.

Student will receive necessary training and induction on school equipment, and will undertake both field and desk-based research.

The former will involve data collection using drone equipment whereas the latter will involve finding and reviewing relevant research literature.

By the end of the summer vacation research program, the student will be expected to have produced a written report that can be used by an industry partner organisation involved in protected area management in Australia.