Aviation Consumers
Wen-Chun Tseng
Dr Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu

In order to improve the revenue from airport retailing, airport operators and retailers require thorough understanding of the consumption behaviours of air passengers when they are at airport terminals. There is little research on passengers’ consumption behaviour at airports and reported results by various studies in the literature often had conflict conclusions. In particular, the causal and psychological effects of limited time for passengers to spend while in a terminal are less studied.

The exact choice behaviour of passengers among various (categories of) goods in a terminal has been neglected, resulting much “guess work” by many airport operators when confronted by retail business planning. This project is thus intended to gain insights to better understand air passenger consumption behaviour in an airport environment. Results of this study will assist the development of airport retail business, the effectiveness of airport retail marketing strategies, and improving the future design of airport terminals that explicitly considers the role of terminal layout in non-aeronautical revenues. From the perspective of increasing airport retail revenues there are some research questions that will be further examined in this project.