Ground Operations
Md Yeasir Arafat
Professor Gabriel Lodewijks

One of the major difficulties that involves in operational challenges for the airports worldwide is the inefficient energy loss connected with the fixed baggage conveying method in airports. The focus of this study is to design a significant energy efficient, safety enhanced autonomous vehicles (AVs) based baggage handling systems (BHS) for highly complex airfields by adopting automotive technologies for offering sustainable, flexible and reliable mobility solutions. It will save about half of the energy utilization in comparison with the traditional BHS. Baggage will be carried through utilizing each of the individual AVs by determining the most optimal pathway through the airport. This project will result in potential efficiency gains from automation across airport related functions such as cargo-handling and logistics operations, as well as passenger transportation both to and within airports and could have a great impact on human civilization in airports, mine-fields, railways, ports and other automotive industries. Moreover, it will have a significant environmental advantage by decreasing emissions effectively because about 3% of greenhouse gas emissions globally are caused by airfield implementations.