Human Factors
Wulin Tian
Dr Carlo Caponecchia

Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) is a system-based method to understand the interactions between humans, the organization, and technology in complex systems. By finding out the discrepancies between how work is supposed to be done (work as imagined, WAI) and how work is actually carried out (work as done, WAD), FRAM can help identify the variabilities in system. FRAM has been used in a wide range of domains, such as aviation, healthcare, and construction. Current users of FRAM have typically employed qualitative methods (such as interviews), which can be difficult to implement and interpret the results, and cannot easily be used with large groups of system users. The few research studies which have employed quantitative methods to use FRAM, focused on data from simulation rather than from real working scenarios.

This project proposes the development and testing of a questionnaire methodology to help to develop the FRAM net and understand the interactions between functions in real working scenarios. Results from the present study may provide a new and simple methodology for system users and other relevant stakeholders to understand and monitor the system working procedure.