Academic Transcript

The official record of your complete enrolment history at UNSW.

Award/Enrolment Statement

Verifies your enrolment for each semester you've been enrolled at UNSW since 1990, and provides details.

Credit transfer

How to get previous study from another institution recognised, and the credit transferred to your degree program at UNSW.

Cross-institutional study

For requesting permission to undertake study at another institution, and count this study towards your current degree program at UNSW.

Late Enrolment Request

Use this form if you need to vary your enrolment after Week 1 of semester/term.

New eCOE Request

For international student visa holders changing the duration of their program.

Program Discontinuation

Program discontinuation is for students who want to cease studies in their program completely.

Program Leave

Program leave is for students who want to discontinue their current enrolment and come back to their studies after taking leave.

Program Transfer

The application process to move from one program to another within UNSW. Includes Internal Program Transfer (IPT).

Release Letter Request

For international student visa holders wanting to transfer to another education provider.

Fee Remission (Special Circumstances)

Under exceptional circumstances you may be able to withdraw from a course without penalty.